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“Yoga does not remove us from the reality or responsibilities of everyday life but rather places our feet firmly and resolutely in the practical ground of experience. We don’t transcend our lives; we return to the life we left behind in the hopes of something better.” ~ Donna Farhi

I started Yoga Elixir to share the enormous benefits yoga delivers.  Yoga makes you feel good; it’s strengthening, it’s energizing, it’s restorative and you always feel better at the end of a class than you did before you began.  

Yoga not only awakens the physical body, it reconnects you to your inner self.  It brings you into the present and enhances the experiences of everyday life.  It had helped me to ease the strains and stresses of daily life, to be a better mum to my three young children, to be a better wife and friend.  It reminds me to make the most of each moment in order to create wonderful memories.

Prior to having my children, my last full time corporate role was based in Mumbai India, which is where my love of yoga morphed from a fitness activity into so much more.

It provided a sense of balance to the madness of a frenetic city and stressful job by bringing an inward serenity. It also kept me healthy, helped heal an old knee injury while strengthening and opening my body in ways I never thought possible as an adult. I undertook teacher training in order to deepen my own practice with no intention of teaching; however yoga brought such clarity of mind and fresh energy that I was inspired to share it with others. 

Yoga has become my elixir of life.  My purpose is to inspire change within, creating a ripple effect through out, one breath at a time.

Healing Holidays

My passion has always been travel; I was a travelling gypsy before the corporate world took its hold, however I was fortunate to work in the tourism industry for 18 years. I travelled to 55 countries and lived in a range of countries, from the UK, Greece and Canada to Papua New Guinea and most recently in India with my hubby.

I begin this relatively new journey now; wife and mamma to three children, settled in Brisbane, a yoga teacher and seeker of the elixirs to youth, health and wellbeing.

The purpose of promoting “healing holidays’ is to serve as a travel portal, providing information and reviews on healthy healing escapes that assist in kick-starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There is a definitive change occurring in the way we take our holidays, the outcomes we hope to achieve and the destinations we choose. My intention is to combine my two passions travel and health & wellbeing by showcasing a range of amazing healing escapes at some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

I hope to offer the tired, stressed and over worked person an enticing option to find balance, maintain or kick start their health goals simply by taking a holiday.

Sharon Harvey
Registered Level 1 Teacher Yoga Australia

Tourism Health, Fitness and Wellness Specialist

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I Love Yoga Elixir

  • Sharon is an amazing, inspiring yoga teacher & a wellness educator who lives by her values and, I think, is not even aware how influential she is on the people she teaches or simply has a chat with. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon to other mums or busy, stressed business people who sit at their desks all day - as she is very thorough & accessible in her practice and she truly cares for her students.

    Ellie Rentoul

  • A gorgeous mother of 3!!! With a beautiful soul that radiates love & kindness to everyone she touches.

    Annie Pfeiffer

  • An inspirational wonderful dedicated teacher. And beautiful soul.

    Ann Cunningham

  • Sharon from Yoga Elixir taught me to breathe, to really breathe deeply.  I leave her class floating and spend the rest of the day with my kids in the present moment.

    Ange Sofos

  • I am Sharon's husband,  we share three kids and I work and travel a lot.  Yoga has brought a sense of calm, balance and organisation to our household.

    Mark Harvey

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