Golden Door – creating space to health & happiness

I caught up with my old friend Heike, who I hadn’t seen for awhile. As we slowly sipped our coffee I began discussing how insanely busy our world is today, and the imminent need for healthy holiday breaks.   I was exhausting myself explaining my life with three children and their schedules, a busy hubby and all my health, fitness and travel career

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Gwinganna – a mother’s escape

Like many of us, I have a chaotic and busy life as a mum trying to balance work, health and family. So much so, that deciding I need a break from everything and everyone from time to time is crucial for our survival.  We all need to re-calibrate, revitalize and re-motivate ourselves – for our families and friends but most importantly for ourselves. Leaving

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Eden Revisited – Eden Health Retreat

Jason is a friend I went to school with when we were around thirteen.  He had experienced Camp Eden a few times before and was returning 20 or so years after his first visit. His father sent all his 8 siblings there once they had finished school. It had become a’right of passage’ for the Goldsmith family. On his return from his most recent visit

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