Group Classes

Group Classes

We are freelance Yoga teachers, with a base in a boutique studio – Tribal Elixir – in Woolloongabba. Teaching in a variety of locations around the South of Brisbane, we aspire to bring Yoga to those who seek to live an agile & healthy life in an agile & healthy body.

St Ita’s School Hall, Dutton Park

This is a class dedicated to the community of St Ita’s Primary School

Monday 9.00 – 10.00 am (during school term)

Yeronga Pool, 55 School Rd, Yeronga

Wednesday 9.15 – 10.15 am


Yeronga Uniting Church Hall, 58 Kadumba St, Yeronga

Thursday 5.45 – 6.45 am (during school term)

Yeronga Fitness Centre, 154 Villa St, Yeronga

Thursday 6.30 – 7.30 pm


Yoga in Woolloongabba – Tribal Elixir

Monday & Friday 5.45 – 6.45 am

Tuesday & Wednesday morning classes starting in October.


In Vinyasa Yoga the breath is synchronized with movement.  It is a dynamic flowing form of yoga where each action is linked to the next, just as the cycles and seasons of life are linked.

We start each class with pranyama (breathing techniques), connecting awareness to the breath, body and present moment.
We’ll move through a dynamic sequence to wake the body up; lifting the breath and heart rate while naturally heating the body. We then use that heat to open the body, tone and lengthen the muscles, while aligning the skeletal system and creating space in the joints, building core strength to create balance.
We  transition to a series of cooling stretches and counter poses, slowing the body and the mind.
We’ll end in the final resting pose of savasana; allowing us to integrate the benefits of the practice internally, before returning to our daily lives
Classes are intended to inspire those who are new to yoga to increase strength and flexibility and those who already have a developed practice, to go deeper challenging themselves to their full potential.  

Morning Flow

The same structure is followed as in Vinyasa Yoga but the sequence is designed to energize and awaken the body and mind preparing you for the day ahead. It wakes you, stretches stiff muscles, kick starts your circulation and breaks out a healthy sweat before your morning shower and breakfast.

Evening Flow

The same structure is followed as in Vinyasa but the sequence is designed with the end in mind; to wind the body and mind down ensuring a peaceful transition between your practice, the rest of the evening and sleep.

With a busy career, Sharon is wife & mother of three who manages to integrate yoga into her daily life. She hopes to inspire people of all shapes and ages to regularly come to the mat and connect with their body, mind and heart. Yoga makes you feel good no matter where you are; at home, in a studio, outside,