Pop up Practice

Enjoy yoga in the great outdoors.  Bring your mat and embrace the union with nature. We’ll move the practice to different locations in and around Brisbane, such as a private garden, suburban parks, the river, the bush or even the beach.   The practice of yoga outdoors helps us to breath more deeply, focus on awareness, be present and to practice stillness.   By being outdoors we really can feel at one with nature just as many of the poses we aim to replicate. The stillness of vkasana (tree), arching the body like a cat or the fluidity of the Sun Salute. The natural uneven surfaces can intensify the physical practice, so do as much or as little as you feel suits you on any given day.

With a busy career, Sharon is wife & mother of three who manages to integrate yoga into her daily life. She hopes to inspire people of all shapes and ages to regularly come to the mat and connect with their body, mind and heart. Yoga makes you feel good no matter where you are; at home, in a studio, outside,