Private Yoga

Private Yoga Classes

Are you new to yoga and want an understanding of the foundations of poses and breathing techniques before you transition to a group class? Would you like to ensure correct alignment from the begninning of your yoga journey?

Do you feel a little uncomfotable in joining a regular group class and wish to build strength, agility and confidence first?

Perhaps an injury is holding you back, or you sit in an office for too long?  Or are you an athlete who would benefit from particular counter stretches to enhance your performance? Have you had your babies and recognize it’s time to give back to yourself?

Private classes are tailored to suit an individual body type, fitness level and state of mind and are designed to assist in the development of a personal practice.

Private classes can be arranged for 1 or 2 people at a time, either in your own home or in my private studio.  A minimum of 3 classes must be booked in a block series.

Prices : 

60 to 75 min sessions $80 per class. A minimum of 3 classes need to booked up front.

Additional cost $10 person (up to 2 people)

With a busy career, Sharon is wife & mother of three who manages to integrate yoga into her daily life. She hopes to inspire people of all shapes and ages to regularly come to the mat and connect with their body, mind and heart. Yoga makes you feel good no matter where you are; at home, in a studio, outside,

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  1. Liz
    12 hours ago

    Hello, I am interested to book 3 x private yoga classes in my own home. I live in Wakerley. Can you please let me know cost and availability?
    Thank you. Liz


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