Corporate Yoga

Benefits for the Individual

  • Improves flexibility, and builds muscle strength
  • Reduces stress, aids digestion and increases blood flow
  • Perfects poor posture and protects the spine
  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
  • Improves bone health. Drains lymph’s and boosts immunity
  • Lowers the heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increases body awareness and encourages self care
  • Allows staff to mentally focus within and develops inner strength and resilience
  • A bit of “Om” time improves stamina and develops injury-resistance for active sports people
  • Aids in repairing injuries
  • Supports healthy work / life balance

Yoga Elixir offers corporate yoga classes in and around the Brisbane area.

Yoga at work not only improves health and fitness but it increases a sense of overall wellbeing, happiness and contributes towards a positive working culture.

Yoga teaches the virtues of accountability, focus, calmness and dedication.

Benefits at Work

  • Increases productivity, motivation, and work performance
  • Teaches individual stress management
  • Improves the immune system and overall health, resulting in decreased absenteeism and sickness levels
  • Improves decision making and creativity
  • Increases energy, mental alertness, and clarity
  • Improves stamina and morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns
  • Improves memory, focus and concentration
  • Reduces muscle tension and pain due to sedentary working positions