My Yoga Style

My classes are fluid and flowing with a focus on alignment and technique. I teach predominantly Vinyasa Yoga – a dynamic flowing form of yoga where each action is linked to the next;  just as in life.

Starting with pranyama – breath work – we find focus, connecting awareness to the breath to create an uninhibited flow of energy. The breath effortlessly synchronises the entire practice into one.  We move through a dynamic sequence to naturally heat the body. Using that heat we open, stretch, tone and align the body. Careful consideration is given to the remedial benefits of the poses included within each sequence.  We then transition to a series of cooling postures.  The class concludes in conscious relaxation – savasana – final resting pose.

My aim is for people to leave my class with a sense of lightness and calmness and a deeper knowledge of their body and Inner Self.

Sharon Harvey

  • Sharon is an amazing, inspiring yoga teacher & a wellness educator who lives by her values and, I think, is not even aware how influential she is on the people she teaches or simply has a chat with. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon to other mums or busy, stressed business people who sit at their desks all day - as she is very thorough & accessible in her practice and she truly cares for her students.

    Ellie Rentoul


  • A gorgeous mother of 3!!! With a beautiful soul that radiates love & kindness to everyone she touches.

    Annie Pfeiffer


  • An inspirational wonderful dedicated teacher. And beautiful soul.

    Ann Cunningham


  • Sharon from Yoga Elixir taught me to breathe, to really breathe deeply.  I leave her class floating and spend the rest of the day with my kids in the present moment.

    Ange Sofos


  • I am Sharon's husband,  we share three kids and I work and travel a lot.  Yoga has brought a sense of calm, balance and organisation to our household.

    Mark Harvey


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