A Postcard from Vana, Malsi Estate, India



Vana, Malsi Estate Overview

In the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, a relatively new resort opened. Vana, Malsi Estate has been described as ‘modernist palace for wellbeing, a veritable five-star ashram’ by Conde Nast.  I have not yet met anyone who has been, but it was recommended to me by my friend, writer and resident Aussie in India, Sharell Cook.

Wellness Approach

Vana, Malsi Estate is a wellness retreat that explores each aspect of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Its destiny is to be a place of true wellbeing. Each guest is seen as an individual entity and an opportunity to serve and enhance wellbeing, through wellness. Bringing together Ayurveda, Tibetan healing, yoga, natural healing, spa, fitness and aqua, the retreat provides many paths to reach the same goal, or at least start a journey towards greater personal wellbeing. There are four yoga pavilions and studios, indoor and outdoor pools, more than 50 treatment rooms. The grounds include gardens of organic vegetables – used in the retreat kitchens – orchards of mango trees and evergreens laden with bunches of red, spiky lychees. The private living spaces bring together various elements of Vana’s design philosophy: contemporary aesthetics, bespoke and natural materials, exceptional comfort, thoughtful lighting, design and simplicity. The 66 rooms, 16 suites and 4 villas on the estate peer into the ancient sal forest or our gardens and fruit orchards, all with balconies or terraces.  They are passionate about ecology and have used sustainable materials where possible, including bamboo flooring, FSC certified wood and even certified organic linen. Beyond the gardens, the surroundings are quieting, awe-inspiring: the mountains of Uttarakhand, near the border of Nepal in the Himalayas, rising up against some of the clearest skies and purest air in the world. The founding family of Vana Retreats are intriguing.  It is wonderful to see a modern Indian family promoting the ancient Indian wellness modalities in such an authentic yet modern environment. For more information and pricing please visit their site: