Healthy Kidney Function

“The kidneys are the creeks, mountain streams and rivers of our being.

They give us our ability to be like a young person: flexible and fluid in body, mind and spirit.”

On a physical level, healthy kidneys act like a filter to make sure the right amount of wastes and fluids are removed, they keep the proper balance of salts and acids in the body and produce hormones.  Every day our kidneys perform an essential job of filtering 200 litres of blood, to remove about 2 litres of waste products and unneeded water.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are seen as the root and foundation of the body and are the foundation of all yin and yang qualities in the body.

Philosophically speaking Qi (pronounced “Ch’I”, in China, “Ki” in Japan and known as“Prana” in India), the vital life force, is inseparable from life itself. This universal energy Qi, is manifested as both Yin: cold, dark and “interior,” and Yang: warm, light, and “exterior”, (in the Yogic system “Ha” and “Tha” respectively “cold” and “hot” hence Hatha Yoga).

The balance between them is dynamic, like exhalation in inhalation; as one subsides the other gains strength. Then the cycle repeats itself. All the internal organs of the body are subject to this oscillation.

They have been categorised into 5 elements: (in the Ayurvedic system): fire, water, earth, air, ether (light, life, consciousness, space) and are found in all aspects of life and in all things.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys (and the bladder) are the organ systems that represent the water element- described as the ‘palace of Fire and Water’ as they provide energy and warmth to the whole body.

The Kidneys are truly amazing master chemists of the body.

~ It is said that the kidneys are the organs most affected by winter ~

So, we will benefit in mind body and spirit to nurture and keep these vital organs warm…

The best way I’ve found to keep my kidneys warm in early morning yoga classes, bike rides and feeling cozy in my wooden Queenslander house, is to wear a Kidney Warmer. I purchase them from a manufacturer in Byron Bay called Grandma Said.  They last forever, my first was purchased 10 years ago when I was breastfeeding my first baby. They kept my belly in and sides supported (& hidden) and very warm. I didn’t care if anyone saw my boobs, but did care that my flab was visible – so vain!

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