Benefits of Yoga at Work

Corporate Yoga is a great way to improve the quality of life of working professionals. It offers tremendous benefits to employees and the corporation they work for. Work Yoga improves the health of the employees on all levels, thus decreasing the rate of absenteeism, leading to enhanced productivity and profits. The convenient and cost-effective yogic technique requires some floor mats, bunch of participants, and a strong desire to lead a happy and fulfilled life. It can be performed anywhere and at anytime.

Besides stress-free and healthy work environment, the benefits of Corporate Yoga are multifaceted. Let us find out some of the major ones:

Stress Reduction: It is known to all that work life is often stressful, and yoga is the best antidote for stress. Stress causes mood swings, low performance, and anxiety. Yoga helps relieve stress and, thus helps employees become more productive. Stress-free employees work better, behave better, interact better and give better output.

Enhanced Focus: In the modern workstyle, when multitasking is the need of the hour, most of us can not focus properly on a single task due to our unstable mind. By linking breath with movements, yoga stops the mind to wander and helps stay focused. It distracts from the bothering thoughts and enables you to be in the moment. It also enables to control your mind and focus better on the tasks at hand.

Enhances Productivity: Constant stress and prolonged sitting make employees fall sick often. Corporate yoga postures provide a total mind-body workout and improve the overall health of the employees.When the employees are completely healthy, relaxed and fit, both mentally and physically, they are more likely to enjoy the work, resulting in more production, better work output, and less absenteeism.

Improved Posture: Prolonged sitting in chair wreaks havoc on the body posture. By hunching over the computer for the entire day impacts badly on the natural curves of the spine. Corporate yoga postures lengthen the spine, waistline and oblique muscles, tilt the pelvis and stretch the entire body. Also, by stretching the major muscle groups, yoga increases mobility and reduces stiffness, leading to relief in body and joint ache.

Improved Digestive System: Sitting all day long at our desk, we do not allow the body to move around enough. We mindlessly overeat too. This causes digestive distress and effects metabolism badly. Yoga effectively aids in improving digestion. It relieves stress which results in decreased acidity, heartburn and indigestion. The deep leg folds and twists in the Corporate Yoga postures eliminate the accumulated toxins stored in the intestines and detoxify the body. It helps digestion get back on track and, thus aid us in better performance and focus.

Increased Energy: Exercises are a great way to energise the mind and body. Often we become sedentary while balancing out the demands of work. Sitting for long hours, we become less active, exhaust quickly and find it difficult to move from one place to other. The less active you are, the quicker you become tired and the less energy you’ll have to tackle everything. Yoga posture revitalizes the mind and body in a short span of time. It boosts energy levels and enables to tackle rest of the day with vigor.

Enhanced Flexibility: The movements performed in corporate yoga stretch the muscles, loosen the overall body and increase the body flexibility. Apart from that, it increases the flexibility in other key areas of life as well. We are no more stubborn and rigid on the things we used to be. It teaches to go with the flow by decreasing stress and anxiety and, adjust accordingly in an ever-changing work environment.

Make your work life more balanced, fulfilled and successful by incorporating Yoga in it.