Movement for every BODY

Yoga fires up those feel good sensations; it’s strengthening, it’s energizing, it’s restorative and, you always feel better at the end of a class than you did before you began. 

While improving strength, flexibity, alignment and mobility, Yoga connects you somewhere within. My classes are fluid, flowing and playful, with a focus on the remedial benefits of the poses and sequencing. My aim is for my students to leave the class with a sense of lightness and calmness and a deeper knowledge of their body – outter and inner.

Yoga is the art of waking up in your body – being curious, listening to how it feels and feeling how it moves.

Group Yoga

Group classes are a great way to share and explore technique and movement while building the collective energy in the room. We develop even more awareness and ability when we work together. Every class is grounded in proper alignment, breath work and body/mind awareness, Our classes are fluid, flowing and playful. Come and join like minded movement enthusiasts!

Organising an Event for a specific group (ie. hens, baby shower) or a group series tailored to suit your needs (mums & bubs, Yogabros, kids)?  I’ve got you covered – with our Bespoke offerings. Choose your Yoga Style.


Private Yoga 1:1 or 1:2

Does the thought of a group class fill you with dread, or do you struggle to get to a class with your busy schedule? Perhaps you have an injury that makes it hard for you to take part in a group class?  If you resonate with any of the above, investing in private yoga tuition is perfect for you.

Private classes are tailored to suit an individual body type, fitness level and state of mind and are designed to assist in the development of a personal practice. They can be arranged for 1 or 2 people at a time, either in your own home or in my private studio.  A minimum of 3 classes must be booked in a block series.

Strength & Functional Movement  blends functional movement patterns and dynamic strength training with the mindful principles of yoga. 

Functional Movement exercises train your muscles to work together, preparing them for daily actions by stimulating common movement patterns you do regularly or in sport. They are movement patterns with purpose. They improve the body’s ability to work efficiently as one unit, using multiple muscles and emphasizing core strength and stability. Strength is important as we age, it builds muscle strength and mass and preserves bone density. By mirroring the movements of daily life, building functional strength helps increase the quality of your life and lessen the risk of injury.

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Strength & Functional Movement

As we age, we can slow down or reverse the natural decline in muscle mass, strength and bone density with strength-traning exercises. Join me in Tuesday’s group classes or a private class, tailored to you and your body. MenoPot Belly weight gain?  This class is perfect for you.

Yoga Elixir Pool yoga

From Hens parties and kids Yoga, to Yoga for cyclists, swimmers and football players. From Mum’s ‘n’ Bubs Yoga to Corporate Wellness sessions.  We can organise one off to 8 week blocks of Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops for your specialized groups.  

What does your body seek?

To start with intent?  This class is an intro to yoga. Learn the foundations of yoga in this class to build a safe and solid practice.

Ready to dive deep?
This is a dynamic and invigorating class with a strong focus on breath, flow and alignment.

 Are you an athlete
who needs to stretch &
release tight muscles? This class is a deep Yin style practice accompanied by a flowing transitions

Do you need nourishment and calm? This class is restorative to deeply relax the body and to calm the mind. Relax, repair and renew.

Intro Class

Try us out!
$ 0 Per Class
  • First class only
  • Try us out!

Casual Class

Just Drop In
$ 20 Per Class
  • Valid for one visit
  • Check us out!

Pack of 10 Classes

Flexi Option Live Classes
$ 170 10 Classes
  • 6 month validity
  • Flexi Option

Unlimited Weekly

Live &/or Zoom Yoga
$ 30 per week
  • Unlimited live & zoom classes
  • Flexible over all locations

Zoom Yoga

Bringing Yoga to your lounge room.
Classes are live and in real time, allowing me to deliver personal guidance, connection with a little bit of fun.
Each week intuitive sequences and themes are delivered to work different parts of our bodies, to awaken different sensations, to guide you to experience movement, mindfulness, stillness and peace. The classes are designed to meet you where you’re at.


  • Download the zoom app on your device
  • Click on the link (
  • You’ll receive a Zoom Link email
  • A 30 minute reminder email with link
  • You’ll be admitted into the ‘waiting room’
  • You will be muted when the class starts

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