Bespoke Offerings

Yoga Elixir Pool yoga

Girl Elixirs - Hens, Weddings,Girls Day Out!

Feel alive and be present!  Add a unique spin to your speical event. Enjoy a nourishng yoga session plus more to enhance the experience of your event. Sequences are tailored to suit your group and the theme of the festivities. You’ll feel refreshed, replenished and renewed with guiltless pleasure!

We have teamed up with likeminded partners to provide you an array of creative, healthy activities that will leave you refreshed, nourished and inspired. From yoga and  meditation to wellness workshops with champagne, from spa weekends away to a pre Wedding yoga session.  We have you covered.


Designed with a man’s body in mind, this class builds up from the breath and foundation to a full body workout. With a dynamic and powerful sequence to naturally heat the body to then hold specific poses. Each class is designed to increase range of motion and targets deeper connective tissues such as around the shoulders, upper back, hips, pelvis and lower spine. A targeted practice, designed to tap into intuition and inner listening to the body and a perfect cross training exercise for athletes to enhance their performance

New Series to be announced soon – includes a ‘Body Check-In’ to track the progression of flexibility. 

Mindful Meditation | Yoga Nidra

Meditation helps you know yourself better, appreciate yourself and others more , and sleep more soundly.

Science has proven that the practice of meditation helps you spend time in a state of conscious rest, ushering your body back into its natural state of seeking healing. Each time you practice stress is dissolved bit by bit, and helps your body release states of tension and disease, both at the surface and deep within your cells. Sclls.

Kids Yoga - Class Series

Children are natural yogis. They are flexible, live in the present moment and are curious to explore their physical body, emotions and the world around them.  Yet they too are exposed to our fast paced, technologically driven world as they navigate the journey of school, friendships, family and extra curricula activities.

Yoga imparts the ability to self-regulate a childs emotions.  The classes we teach provide the support in a safe space where children can be themselves, learn to build resilience and calm themselves down in healthy ways.

Contact me if you are interested to know more.

Mums 'n' Bubs - Class Series

Get together and grab a group of mums – I can come to your – or we can organise a class series in our studio.  Our Mums ‘n’ Bubs Class Series provides you with an opportunity to bond with your new baby, whilst moving your body in ways to help improve your physical and emotional well-being.  The post-yoga practice feeling is the same as visiting a spa; nourished, serene and light. It allows you to nurture your body and soul. We invite you to mother the mother.

Corporate Classes

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation proactively supports the wellbeing of employees. Movement at work not only improves health and fitness, but it increases a sense of overall wellbeing, happiness and contributes towards a positive working culture. Movement and mindful meditation teaches the virtues of accountability, focus, calmness and dedication and increases employee retention while decreasing sick leave.

A fun, nurturing, calming yet energizing yoga experience and a positive way to give back to your best assets.

Home Practice Videos

Do you find it difficult to get to a Yoga class?  Find some space, grab some water and follow your breath.  

Yoga is the art of waking up in your body – being curious, listening to how it feels and feeling how it moves.

Join me on the mat.