Once you book into a class you’ll be emailed instructions that will require you to download the  Zoom App, the online studio platform. The email will also contain everything else you need to know. 

All you need is floor space.
A yoga mat is great if you have one, but not necessary. (I have spares if you would like to borrow one).  A pillow, a block (or thick book) and a belt (strap, belt) is sometimes recommended but not necessary.

Revitalize your life to age aglessly

Hi, my name is Sharon and my mission is to inspire you to show up for yourself, to add yourself to your ‘to do’ list no matter how time poor or where you’re starting from. 

In a supported, nurturing space, I hope to empower you with the tools and motivation to be healthy, to move your body mindfully, to achieve deep rest and relaxation and to provide you with the framework, accountability and inspiration to feel and look great in the body you’re in.

It is possible to wake up feeling invigorated and motivated for the day ahead. To be able to care for your kids and role model good choices. To have the energy to enjoy a productive career, while feeling great in your body and confident about your health and the future. 

Through guidance and encouragment, allow me to facilitate the achievement of your health and wellness dreams. 

Yoga is more than movement – it is a way of life – an elixir of life – it transforms the way you see yourself – your body, your mind and your spirit, by awakening your inner wisdom through movement, mindfulness and your mindset.

There will never be a ‘perfect’ time to put your health first – take the leap, begin now and create an ongoing experience in your body, mind & soul.

Join group and/or private yogaclasses, workshops and events in Brisbane  – and soon online. Alternatively, let’s form a 1 to 1 partnership, allowing me to be your guide and accountability buddy, through movement, mindfulness and mindset loose the weight and gain energy to revitalise your life.

Let the journey begin!

Revitalise Elixir
4 month Program

Do you feel stressed and oh-so-tired? Do you want to lose weight and maintain the loss?
Do you want to increase energy, move with confidence and role model good choices?

You don’t need to feel like this forever. Book a Discovery Call and let’s work together to create lasting changes by embarking on a journey from where you are now – to where you want to be. 

Allow me to provide the framework and accountability as we create a clear plan of action, to break old habits and set new healthier ones.  

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that takes the nervous system and the mind to a state of deep rest and relaxation, You still the flow of waves in the mind through conscious entry into the sleep state. After just 30 minutes you’ll feel as though you have slept for hours! You can read more about the science and benefits here.

Take a listen – lie in a quiet space, shutting out your outer world. Breathe in and as you slowly breathe out – let your shoulders soften….let go


3.00 – 7.00 pm 

Saturday TBA


Corporate classes suspended. Live Online Classes available. 

General classes suspended. Live Online Classes available.


4.00 – 5.00 PM

Monday’s during school term



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Yoga Timetable

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A Yoga practice for everyBODY


Yoga fires up those feel good sensations; it’s strengthening, it’s energizing, it’s restorative and, you always feel better at the end of a class than you did before you began. 

Yoga is the art of waking up in your body – being curious, listening to how it feels and feeling how it moves.


What does your body seek?

To start with intent?  This class is an intro to yoga. Learn the foundations of yoga in this class to build a safe and solid practice.

Ready to dive deep?
This is a dynamic and invigorating class with a strong focus on breath, flow and alignment.

 Are you an athlete
who needs to stretch &
release tight muscles? This class is a deep Yin style practice accompanied by an energetic flow.

Do you need nourishment and calm? This class is restorative to deeply relax the body and to calm the mind. Relax, repair and renew.

To be reinstated post the Covid-19 era.

Pricing & Pass Options

Intro Class

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$ 0 Per Class
  • First class only
  • Try us out!

Casual Class

Just Drop In
$ 20 Per Class
  • Valid for one visit
  • Check us out!

Pack of 10 Classes

Flexi option
$ 170 $17 per class
  • 4 month validity
  • Flexible over all locations

Pack of 10 Classes

Flexi option
$ 150 Whole term
  • Term block savings
  • For the committed
Best Value

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Ageless Ageing

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Yoga Australia – the peak body for yoga in Australia.

This means that teachers have completed in-depth study to offer the highest Australian standard of teaching, a minimum of 350 hours teacher training, plus all are long-term yoga practitioners who are committed to practicing regular yoga, continuing with ongoing study and offering the highest quality classes.

As registered Level 1 Yoga Teachers with Yoga Australia, classes may be claimable on your private health insurance. 

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