Sharon Harvey

I started Yoga Elixir to share the enormous benefits yoga delivers. Yoga not only awakens the physical body, it truly reconnects you to your inner body.  It brings you into the present and enhances the experiences of everyday life.  It helped me to ease the strains and stresses of daily life, to be a better mum to my three children, to be a better wife, daughter and friend.  It reminds me to make the most of each moment, which ensure I create wonderful memories.

I started the practice of yoga to get a toned body, to move serenely and to get physically fit. Prior to having children, my last full time corporate role was based in Mumbai, India, which is where my love of yoga morphed from a fitness activity into so much more.  It provided a sense of balance to the madness of a frenetic city and stressful job by bringing an inward serenity and a state of calm.

It also kept me healthy, helped heal a netball knee injury while strengthening and opening my body in ways I never thought possible as an adult. I undertook teacher training in order to deepen my own practice with no intention of teaching; however, yoga brought such clarity of mind and fresh energy that I was inspired to share it with others.  I started with the physical attributes of Yoga and have since discovered and trained in the power of Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra. I incorporate many of these practices into my classes and now, into my Health & Wellness Coaching practice.

Yoga and it’s way of life, has become my elixir of life.  My purpose is to inspire change within, creating a ripple effect throughout, one breath at a time.  Re-discover the power of the breath and find your inner calm – together we can be the best version of ourselves

Join me in cultivating a balanced, happy, fit and healthy community.


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