Wellness Coaching

What is a Wellness Coach?

A Wellness Coach provides the structure, accountability, and inspiration to enable you to learn, grow and develop beyond what you can do alone.

Coaching is a supportive process that facilitates the achievement of self-determined goals through guidance, accountability, and encouragement.

Intellectually, we all know what we need to do yet we get lost in the overwhelm of day-to-day life and our own self-limiting beliefs and ingrained habits.

A personal Wellness Coach, looks deeply into lifestyle factors such as diet, movement, stress, and sleep. We plan ahead for obstacles, work through resistance and bring awareness to deeply held beliefs and behaviour patterns. Using positive psychology, we identify strengths and possible concerns, reframe negative outlooks, and increase hope and optimism.

If you have tried quick or expensives fixes before and they haven’t lasted, then this program is for you. Let me be your bridge – from where you are today to where you would like to be – progressively changing non-helpful habits and ingrained behavioural patterns to a new healthier lifestyle. 

If you are committed and ready to explore a new vitalized way of living your life – let’s do this, click the button below to book in a free 30-minute discovery session.  Or send me a message and I’ll call you back.


Private Yoga Brisbane

You are unique. You have a unique body, mind, and lifestyle. Embark on your personal journey from where you are now to where you want to be. This program is tailored to you and your unique beautiful life.

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Join in the game. In a group of up to no more than 8 like-minded women,  join forces, absorb the energy and motivation to change your story. This program is designed to inspire and propel the ‘change you wish to see’.

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