8-Week Peri-Meno Mastery

It's not too late to change your story

Getting older is inevitable. While we can’t control the numbers representing our age, we can slow the decline of ageing with smart choices.

The changes that seem to creep up on us can completely alter our lifestyle today and, the quality and longevity of our future. The post effects of having babies to poor habitual movement patterns and eating habits progressively inch towards our degenerative decline. 

The good news is, we can slow this decline and even reverse ageing by making changes to the food we eat, how we exercise and how we rest.  It is never too late to start.

The 8-Week Peri-Meno Mastery Program has been designed to develop and embed simple sustainable changes. It’s a program of choices and strategies around diet, exercise, and stress management.  With commitment and dedication, in just 8-Weeks you can hit your weight, fitness and wellness goals – and completely change your story.


There is something more motivating about a group of people coming together, combining forces and energy to achieve a goal. Working together in a streamlined process builds layers of accountability, inspiration, and motivation, crucial for success in achieving your personal Health & Wellness goals.  

In our group of no more than 8 people, we hit the ground running by creating an individual Wellness Blueprint.  This is our ‘wellness vision’ and a plan of ‘goals & actions’ to achieve it. We’ll set and track our weekly goals, meet weekly to weigh-in, and train together in a Strength & Functional Yoga class. We You’ll also be sent weekly recipe plans and meal idea’s and learn to understand the foods that work for you and the foods that work against you.  Our Functional Movement & Strength blends movement patterns and dynamic strength training with the mindful principles of yoga. 

This program is designed to support behaviour change, to educate, to guide, to inspire and to motivate.  

Together we will be a force to be reckoned with!  

Add years to life and quality to years

Intellectually, we know what we need to do yet we get lost in the overwhelm of day to day life and our own self-limiting beliefs and ingrained habits.

The 8-Week Peri-Meno Mastery Program:

  • Discovery & Goal Setting Session – Wellness Blueprint
  • Mindfuless Session with Daily Challenge
  • Habit Transformation Program
  • Weekly Strength & Functional Movement Yoga Class
  • Weekly Function & Form Video
  • Full Measurements before and after 
  • Vitality Progress Journal 
  • Recipes, Meal Plans & Inspo delivered weekly 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Guided Meditation delivered weekly

Your Investment $800

Last Challenge start date : 10 July 2021

Next Start Date – TBA

Strength & Functional Movement

Functional Movement & Strength Yoga  blends functional movement patterns and dynamic strength training with the mindful principles of yoga. 

Functional Movement exercises train your muscles to work together, preparing them for daily actions by stimulating common movement patterns you do regularly or in sport. They are movement patterns with purpose. They improve the body’s ability to work effeciently as one unit, using multiple muscles and emphasizing core strength and stability. Strength is important as we age, it builds muscle strength and mass and perserves bone density. By mirroring the movements of daily life, building functional strength helps increase the quality of your life and lesson the risk of injury.