Conference and Events

We are available for off-site events and have access to studio’s available for use in Brisbane.


Yoga is a tremendous addition to a corporate conference, retreat and/or event. Yoga offers employees a chance to get in touch with their individual strengths and in turn, strengths within a team.

Yoga teaches the virtues of accountability, focus, calmness and dedication. It builds confidence within while delivering a team a challenge that is experienced together. Everyone is performing the same poses, but each individual’s experience is unique. One must rely on individual strength and mental clarity to move through their practice yet the team is united by their common task.

A morning yoga session can energize and awaken the body and the mind in preparation for the day ahead.

Yoga during the day can restore focus and energy while increasing motivation and mental clarity.

Yoga at the end of a day is designed with the end in mind; allowing the body to wind down and to create space to process the day’s information.  It also ensures a peaceful transition into the rest of the evening.


Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool that optimises the performance of the mind and trains the attention muscle. It provides effective strategies to calm the mind, manage stress, gain insight and clarity, increase focus, connection and energy.

The training teaches us to pause amid the constant inflow of stimuli and consciously decide how to react. We learn how to switch off autopilot so we can consciously react without reacting with ingrained behaivour patterns. 

Mindfulness is the perfect counterbalance to the digital age challenges of information overload and constant distraction.  These classes are from 30 minutes and up and can be held on the floor or in chairs.


Health and Wellbeing Mindset 

We provide accessible pathways to facilitate positive change in the body and mind. With the creation of a vision and goal setting, we help clients move forward by discovering their intrinsic motivation to be healthy, we provide a structure or framework and goal-setting a plan of accountability. The training teaches us to unravel the inner critic and use self-compassion as antidote to self-criticism.

If psychologically expectations are changed, then physiologically they will happen.

Choose one, two or all three modules to create an ongoing experience in body, heart and soul. 

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