Do you feel constantly tired, overloaded and overwhelmed?

Are your personal and emotional challenges affecting your health, productivity and your zest for living your best life?

Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation are powerful meditation practices that optimise the performance of the brain, train the attention muscle and promote deep rest and relaxation.

They provide effective strategies to deeply calm the body and mind, to recognize emotional triggers, and manage stress. They help us gain clarity, increase focus, connection and energy.

Research shows meditative practices can change the actual structure of the brain. People who practice meditation report lower levels of stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, their sleep improves, and immune function is increased. 

Mindfulness is being aware, reminding us to be present, moment by moment, choice by choice, breath by breath. It is the art of noticing and paying attention to thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaivours. 

Yoga Nidra takes the nervous system and the mind to a state of deep rest and relaxation, Each time you practice, you still the flow of waves in the mind through conscious entry into the sleep state. After just 30 minutes you feel as though you have slept for hours! You can read more about the science and benefits here.


Guided meditation explores the intricacies and subtleties of the mind. A powerful self-awareness tool it uses images and words to guide attention away from worry, stress and pain. It helps us access our inner strength, inner peace and brings us to a more positive emotional state.

Breathing. We do it instinctually and, obviously, all the time.  When we consciously breathe – deeply and systematically – we can lower our heart rate, regulate blood pressure, decrease the amount of the stress hormone cortisol that is released into the body and quite quickly relax the mind and body. Focusing on the timing and pace of our breath has positive effects on our mind and body.  Different breathing patterns activate our brain networks related to mood, attention and body awareness.

These practices integrate their benefits into our everyday. They give us with the ability to pause, amid the constant inflow of stimuli, so that we consciously decide how to react and make our next move.  They are vital to counterbalance the digital age challenges of information overload, constant distraction, manage stress and to deeply rest.

Sessions are written and tailored to suit your needs, combining one or all of the practices above. They are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long and can be done seated or lying down.


“When, through the practice of mindfulness, we learn to listen to the body through all its sense doors, as well as to attend to the flow of our thoughts and feelings, we are beginning the process of reestablishing and strengthening connectedness within our own inner landscape. That attention nurtures a familiarity and an intimacy with our lives unfolding at the level of what we call body and what we call mind that depends and strengthens well-being and a sense of ease in our relationship to whatever is unfolding in our lives from moment to moment. We thus move from dis-ease, including outright disease, to greater ease and harmony and, as we shall see, greater health.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn