Ageless Ageing

Yoga Elixir Early Risers

These classes are designed to reverse the effects of ageing – on our body and in our mind. 

We move our bodies therapeutically to alleviate the unnecessary disintegration that occurs due to our modern day lifestyle. When you move with agility, strength, and ease – you feel younger.  When you feel younger – you become younger. (your mind doesn’t allow you to grow old prematurely).

Each week we have a particular theme and  breathing technique.  We focus on a different part of the body to open, stretch, strengthen, and increase range of motion. 

Ageless ageing is not medical self-care, or holistic medicine. It goes way beyond – it’s the power of the mind and body connection. It frees you from false beliefs and opens up your capacity for change, joy and strength and helps give you a whole new outlook on life.

Yoga doesn’t only take care of your body, it can transform the way you view yourself and your life – it deepens your connection with your own soul.

So, take the leap and start your day with zest – and you’ll be home in time to make school lunches.