Athlete Stretch

This class is a deep practice with active holds allowing the fascia, tendons and ligaments to release and stretch. Each class is designed to increase range of motion and targets deeper connective tissues such as around the shoulders, upper back, hips, pelvis and lower spine.

It is a quieter practice, designed to tap into intuition and inner listening to the body. The challenge is to be still, to spend time with yourself and get to know your body, mind and breath on an intense level. This is the perfect cross training exercise for athletes to enhance their performance as well as a complimentary practice to the flowing Vinyasa style.

Pricing and options are tailored to suit you or your teams needs.

Group classes start at $120 per hour ($15 for a minimum of 8 athletes).

Private classes are $80 with a minimum of 3 classes booked upfront in a block series, (additional person $20 – up to 3 people)

Enquire here to check availability, assess your requirements to tailor make your package.