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In a beautiful space dedicated to mindful movement, relaxation and reflection, yoga provides the perfect opportunity to de-stress away from your work environment.


Benefits of a regular yoga practice

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Ease back pain and improve posture.
  • Build strength and increase flexibility.
  • Make important connections between mind and body.
  • Relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Develops mindful awareness.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Assists in better sleep.

Our classes


In yoga we learn to breathe, breathe deeply, align, tone, strengthen and build sequential flexibility in the body and mind.

Yoga teaches us to get out of our heads; we learn to give our nervous system a rest as our body moves mindfully in a way that promotes health and fitness.

Restorative Yoga

A class designed to completely relax, repair  and renew. Restorative poses are floor based and held. They are deep yet gentle, passive stretches supported with props.

These classes offer a welcome response to the frenetic pace of life and help to prepare the mind, nervous system and body for deep rest.  We include a deep relaxation


To book a class at a Casual rate – click on the class you want and follow the prompts for payment.
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Yoga Deals

Bring a Friend for FREE

$ 0 Per Class
  • 30 mins of deep rest & relaxation
  • Work Wellness into your day

Bring a Friend For FREE

$ 0 Per Class
  • 60 mins of mindful movement
  • Work Wellness into your day

Casual Class

Just Drop In
$ 20 Per Class
  • Valid for one visit
  • Check us out!

Pack of 6 Classes

Flexi Option
$ 108 For 6 classes
  • $18 per class
  • Begin the journey!

Pack of 10 Classes

Best Flexi Option
$ 160 For 10 classes
  • $16 per class
  • Feel the change!

Progression Tracking

Flexibility Tracker
$ 65 3 monthly
  • Track your progression
  • See the change

Restorative Yoga Deals

Restorative Yoga

Drop In
$ 14 Per class
  • Valid for one visit
  • Deep relaxation

Restorative Yoga

Flexi Option
$ 60 For 5 classes
  • $12 per class
  • Deep Relax, Repair & Renew

Restorative Yoga

Flexi Option
$ 115 For 10 classes
  • $11.50 per class
  • Deep Relax, Repair & Renew

Private Yoga

Miovement, Mindset & Mindfullness
$ 80 1 hour session
  • Tailored to the individual
  • Remedial / Gain confidence

Benefits of yoga in the workplace

  • Increased productivity, motivation and work performance.
  • Increased energy, mental alertness and clarity.
  • Improved memory, focus, concentration and confidence.
  • Improved morale, job satisfaction and positive thinking.
  • Improved flexibility, physical strength and overall health.
  • Reduction in headaches, muscle tension and pain.
  • Eases work related injuries eg, stress, RSI, back pain
  • Team bonding

Yoga Australia – the peak body for yoga in Australia.

This means that teachers have completed in-depth study to offer the highest Australian standard of teaching, a minimum of 350 hours teacher training, plus all are long-term yoga practitioners who are committed to practicing regular yoga, continuing with ongoing study and offering the highest quality classes.

As registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Australia, classes may be claimable on your private health insurance. 

Find out if you’re covered