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Sun Salutations A (Surya Namaskara A)

If you have no time for a full class – start your day with  Sun Salutations!

Live Class 19 March 2020 (40 mins) 

Yoga for Immunity Part 1

The emphasis in this class is on the lymphatic system to strengthen our immune system. Cleaning the lymphatic system means clearing out the lymph ducts and nodes (most are in the neck, armpits, & groin), tonsils, spleen bone marrow and thymus. Working the lymphatic system helps clear out infections and diseases before we even know about them. 

The lymph fluid is rich in white blood cells and therefore important to the immune system and in toxin removal.

End of Live Class 19 March 2020 (15 mins)

Yoga for Immunity Part 2

Interestingly, the lymphatic system has no pump (like a heart) or peristalsis (like the muscles in our digestive tract). The ONLY way lymphatic fluid is moved is with the contraction and stretching of skeletal muscles it relies on us to pump it by our movement & our breathing – enter yoga!
Yoga provides unique muscle movements that move the lymph fluid throughout the body, and your pranayam practice does, too! Deep breathing activates a lymph node deep in the thoracic cavity – and only full breathing can reach it

Wake up with Yoga - a morning stretch.

Starting your day with yoga sets a positive tone for the day, it helps reunite you with your inner calm, it brings clarity, strength and energy. You will always feel better after a class than you did before you started.

So let’s do this together, a short full-body practice that can be lengthened by repeating the sun salutations. This sequence moves the spine in all directions – perfect for a morning practice.

Yoga at Home - a total body stretch

Do you find it difficult to get to a Yoga class?  Here is a full body Yoga practice to do at home.  Find some space, grab some water and follow your breath.

Yoga is the art of waking up in your body – being curious, listening to how it feels and feeling how it moves.

Take your time, don’t judge yourself – you are exactly where you need to be to start. Practice it a few times, and notice the difference in your body.  

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