Yoga Essentials

This class provides the foundation to build a safe and solid practice. It is perfect for beginners and for the more experienced who are seeking to refine their poses to gain the maximum remedial benefits. The Yoga Essential Series is a step by step introduction into yoga building your practice from the ground up. Classes include both static and flowing poses, linking movement with the breath. 

Each posture will be taught in a way that develops a strong, healthy, safe and mindful yoga practice.

We look at the importance of alignment and function of the postures, how to wrk towards experiencing ease and stability and the importance of the breath and its effect in our practice. In each class we will also explore yoga philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga and how these ancient teaching relate to our everyday lives.

Courses run in 5 week paraelle blocks. Join us on a journey of self-enquiry, learning and growth.

Yoga Essential Group classes currently run in 5 week blocks – Tuesday’s 5.30 – 6.30pm.  They can be booked on a Casual basis ($20 per class) or in a 5 or 10 week Package Deal. ($14 or $15 per class).

Private classes are available at your own home or our choice of studio’s.