I am a Yoga Mama

Time is of the essence; as a busy mum, I don’t have much time or any essence.

A friend gave me the book ‘Buddhism for Mothers‘ when I was pregnant with my first child and although I don’t know the kind of mother I would have been without it, I am definitely a better mother for having read it.

Time for my own yoga practice has become limited, I am often way too tired to get up extra early, or way too exhausted at the end of the day. When it does happen, I become a serene earth mother goddess as I float around feeling energized and euphoric, ready to face the day ahead or wind down into a blissful, restful slumber.

But most days – earth mamma I am not. Some day’s I am a time bomb ready to explode after the tiniest bit of impact. Thank goodness I can use the breath to slow the burning fuse.

Sometimes. For I am – perfectly imperfect.

I am learning however to let motherhood become my yoga practice.  From the moment I open my eyes in the morning (I may have had to open them 33 times before then), I breathe deeply and sigh. I stretch my body, and bring awareness to those muscles stiff from the night before.  I inhale fully, sharpen my listening skills and swing my legs out of the bed and tiptoe out of the room, not wanting to wake the child that may have crept into our bed or, as I pass the other children’s bedrooms.  I usually note to my dismay, two out of three kids will be downstairs already, watching TV or playing.

I gracefully move down the stairs and inhale deeply at the bottom. I plant my feet firmly, feeling the four corners of my feet grounding down as I forward bend and pick up a squished banana left lying on the kitchen floor.  I roll up slowly, un-furrowing my brow (for I am working on not getting frown wrinkles), feeling proud that my three year old tried to feed herself. I feel each vertebrae uncurl and the energy build in the back of my legs. That energy connects with my sacrum and spine as I radiate my heart forward, up and open, and walk to the bin.  Exhale – my day has begun.

Inhale – I am making school lunches while screaming can be heard in the back ground, I am working on not frowning again, this helps me be present.  I sing a mantra “this is the joyous sound of my family in the morning”. Yet, the high pitched screaming becomes unbearable and I pivot around to find out what is causing such angst.  I lengthen through my spine engage my abdominals, press down through my feet and lunge, one lengthened lunge after another until I reach the screamer and her attacker.

We all breathe to even out the breath and slow it down while negotiating an agreement on the outcome of the battle. I keep working on no frown lines – Exhale.


I did make my own practice this morning, so I write this with energy and love. Doing something each day for yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family.


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