Yoga and Ageing

Many of us resign ourselves to the fact that our bodies will function less efficiently as we age. We never question if this is the way it has to be. Why is it that animals perform proficiently and remain mobile throughout most of their lives while we start to decay mid-way through ours?

The ageing process is increased by lifestyle; the increase is largely an artificial condition caused by auto-intoxication of the body – and mind.  I believe, with regular yoga in our lives it can be reversed, we can become our younger selves.

While the practice of yoga works the physical body, opening, stretching and strengthening muscles, it also works more deeply, toning the internal organs, bringing vital health to the inner body and reducing the catabolic process of cell deterioration.

It can also move you beyond the physical body into deeper levels of awareness and brings you into presence. Yoga provides the tools to take you out of your head, away from excessive thought and the stresses of daily life and delivers you to your centre and the present moment, both on and off the mat.

Yoga keeps you young, mobile, calm and centred. It is the art of waking up, returning to the authentic you. 

Ageless ageing is not medical self-care or even a question of caring for your body.

It goes way beyond – it transforms the way you view yourself and the way you live. It deepens your connection with your soul and helps set you free from false beliefs.

To move freely & openly makes you feel younger, when you feel younger, you become younger (you don’t age so quickly because your mind doesn’t believe it’s happening).

I invite you to join me to explore and embrace your uniqueness, and to age agelessly.

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