Awareness Junkie

I sometimes feel like a newborn, learning anew from being ‘aware’. This is fairly new to me, being aware.  I’ve lived so much of my life on the edge; being too busy travelling, partying, working,  mothering, trying to get ahead and perhaps being a little too shallow.  Certainly not paying attention to things until too late, ignoring red flags or other warning signs and just letting life race by.

I’m a little addicted to this newfound awareness.

I’m learning of awareness in the body, I’m picking up things before they manifest into illness or injury, hurt or despair. (Can’t say I always take heed, but I’m aware).

I’m becoming acutely aware of where my thoughts are going. 

There is a saying which I love: 

The thought manifests as the word;

The word manifests as the deed;

The deed develops into habit;

And habit hardens into character.

So watch the thought and its ways with care.

I think of old cranky people; they start with funny yet judgy opinions of the younger generation, their clothes, their music and the politics of the day and eventually they harden into angry, old farts, who criticise their entirety, have lost their humour and all signs of positivity, and therefore their zest for living a good life.

Watch your thoughts, because words follow which become ingrained by habit and deepen into character and you will undoubtedly turn into an old, sad, lonely and an angry fart…

The lesson for my children – 

Where awareness goes, energy flows.

Focus on the bad – and that is where you are sending your energy enabling it to grow.

Focus on the positive, the happy, the good – and you send your energy in that direction and you give it the power to grow.


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