Locally handmade with love—100% cotton washable and re-useable facemasks.


Breathable 2 layers with three pleats and comfortable elastic ear bands. Fits over nose and chin.
Great for keeping hands from touching face and assists in protecting others. Provides a barrier from your accidental sneeze, cough, or droplets in-breath, especially if contagious and you don’t know it. Especially essential for people who have close and sustained personal face-to-face contact with people outside their household. Close contact means face-to-face contact for more than 15 mins and sustained personal contact means sharing a closed space for a prolonged period (e.g. 2 hours or more).
Please note this product is not a medical/clinical-grade face mask or respirator. These types of medical personal protective equipment (PPE) are in high demand, with low supply and must be used to protect those who really need it – medical, health-related and front line staff.
The use of these fabric face masks will assist in reducing the demand for essential medical PPE.
Directions Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser with alcohol before and after use. Use elastic ear straps to put on and off. Pull fabric over nose and chin. Maintain physically distancing requirements. Do not keep touching mask fabric when wearing, or wear when the mask is humid with breath droplets as can lead to increased risk of infection. After use, remove with elastic stapes over ears. Wash in a hot wash with detergent. Iron after drying for best results. If you sneeze, cough or mask is humid with the breath, remove the mask as above and place in a plastic bag until home and wash straight away.


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Navy + white, Pink & red dots, Black, Black & white dots, Mint green & dots, Blue & green dots, White


Kids 28/29 cm, Small 32 cm, Medium 34/35 cm, Large 36 cm, XLarge 38 cm, Measure from top outside of ear, across nose to outside top of other ear.