Yoga and Kombucha


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Stretch, refine and align with an hour of a gentle yet energizing yoga practice.  Over nibbles and drinks learn the art of making kombucha, taste testing the combination of flavours to create a deliciously healthy & refreshing drink.  We’ll end our workshop in a deep meditative relaxation practice called Yoga Nidra to repair and renew.

There is limited floor space, so please reserve your mat.


  • An hour of Yoga
  • Nibbles, drinks and komucha taste testing
  • A hands-on kombucha making workshop
  • Take-home scoby
  • A deep restful meditative yoga nidra practice


In this busy world, it’s important to press pause on life and take time to nourish your body and soul!

On Sunday 17 February, step outside of your busy life and enjoy a replenishing morning of yoga, flowing with the breath and finishing with a deep restful Yoga Nidra practice.

In between, join us in learning the art of kombucha making.

Have you ever wondered how to make your own kombucha? It’s so easy once you know how. Such a great daily elixir and cleanser rich in good bacteria to keep your tummy happy. The session will teach you how to make your own kombucha from scratch and includes your very own take-home scoby so you can get fermenting straight away.