1. Yoga Elixir Bliss Box


Give your mum the gift of health and wellbeing – the Yoga Bliss Box will make her feel nurtured, supported and loved.


Postage Australia Only


Movement, meditation and mindset have never been so important. While staying at home,  give the opportunity to give back to mum, by creating the space, time and opportunity for her self-care practice.

Inclusions :

  • The Bliss Body Yoga Series – 6 weeks to journey back into your body. A systematic tour of your body from the ground up – to strengthen and stretch to tone and to release. Great for beginners and those more experienced who are wanting to delve deeper into their body and the body within the poses.  Includes breath control and meditation.
  • 6 Yoga Nidra recordings – a deep form of guided meditation where you’ll be guided to the threshold of sleep – where the body is asleep yet the mind is lucid. You’ll feel deeply rested, incredibly calm and notice an increase in focus and clarity.
  •  A Silk Eye Pillow – filled with lavender and linseed. 
  •  Yoga Mat Spray – to disinfect and essential oil to set the scene